Jan. 17, 2023

BONUS: Lifting the Psychic Veil

BONUS:  Lifting the Psychic Veil

Today’s episode is one of the 9 weekly BONUS episodes I am releasing during this Festive Season 2022/23 in addition to the regular episodes coming out every second Wednesday.

These bonus episodes were first published on my podcast few years ago, and later on, at some point they were removed from the RSS feed as the production was somewhat outdated.

I have now decided to bring them back for you, refreshed and remastered in line with my current production framework to the extent possible.

So sit back and enjoy these riveting, timeless conversations, and if you like – please drop me a line on my podcast website about your experience!


Are you psychic? Or, would you like to develop your intuition and psychic skills?

Tune in to yet another fascinating conversation with my returning guest Victoria Cochrane, in which she shares with us, as a professional psychic and healer, her tips and advice on the key facets of a psychic journey.

In this episode, you will learn what are the two biggest challenges on a psychic path; how you can learn to see and feel the aura; what can you do to awaken your psychic abilities; how to protect yourself from negative energies and entities; how to ask for help and maintain connection with the Spirit; and many other professional secrets as we lift the psychic veil between the dimensions.

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Victoria CochraneProfile Photo

Victoria Cochrane

Psychic Channel

Victoria Cochrane is a Psychic Channel, Spiritual Healer, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner and author of three books, with the fourth one in the making.

Her books - “Raising the Energies of Mother Earth Towards and After Ascension 2012: The Highest Truth” (2013) , “Beyond Ascension 2012: Universal Truths” (2015) and “The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds (Victoria Cochrane Publications) - can be purchased on her website.

A retired teacher with Master of Education (Hons) degree, Victoria is a dedicated professional Psychic, working with clients from all walks of life.

Victoria is a certified member of the International Psychics Association and the Australian Reiki Connection. She was also nominated The 2019 Tasmanian Psychic Expos’ Psychic of The Year.