July 31, 2021

S2 E2: Dare to be Divine with Joya Sosnowski

S2 E2:  Dare to be Divine with Joya Sosnowski

My initial thought was to title this episode Sound Healing but as it turned out, our conversation went far beyond that when I connected with Joya's beautiful,radiating loving energy soul across the globe. Her underlying message was simply:  Dare to be Divine - which is also the title of her upcoming book.

In this inspirational and powerful episode, I chat with Joya (Cheryl) Sosnowski about her passions which she translates into her service to others – helping people release their emotional traumas through sound healing, expressive dance and visual arts.

Our conversation is fun, profound, full of wisdom and a loving spirit. We are talking about quantum coaching; the scientific and spiritual roots of sound healing; mindfulness; Aramaic; the Quantum Field; why creativity is our Divine power and so much more...

This episode includes a beautiful clip from Joya’s sound healing class.

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Joya Sosnowski

Sound Healer

Joya (Cheryl) Sosnowski is a sound healer and spiritual success coach based in Phoenix AZ. She combines spiritual coaching with sound activations to help her clients step into their own quantum holiness. Joya is a Spiritual Mind Practitioner & Metaphysical Reverend and founder of Lessons of Mastery; an accomplished artie and a lover of music.

Joya is a certified Sound Healer and facilitates expressive dance classes for embodied meditation practices. She is a UCLA, Mindful Schools & Mindfulness Exercises certified mindfulness trainer; a Gene Keys Guide; and is enrolled in the master course in Spiritual Psychology Coaching at the University of Santa Monica’s Soul Centered Living 2021. Joya hosts The Powerful Creator Show Podcast and is currently writing her first book "Dare to be Divine".