March 21, 2023

S4 E21: Embracing The Paranormal

S4 E21: Embracing The Paranormal
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Don’t be fooled by the corny title of this episode – this is not what you think it is.

This podcast is not at the 101 level, not even at 201 but at the 301 masters level, so I suggest grab a pen and paper ready to take notes!

In this engaging, spiritual, deep and fun conversation with my special guest Kaedrich Olsen we dive into the rabbit hole of the paranormal work, tackling its pros and cons, ethics and existential questions.

Key topics include:

  • The alchemy of Shadow Work – why your manifestation attempts are not working and how to fix it
  • The origins, true purpose and hidden powers of Runes – a common divination tool of modern times
  • The difference between Intuition and Spirit Guidance
  • What “getting in your own way” actually means and how to get out of your way
  • Why dark (negative) and light (positive) energies are not a binary phenomenon but a continuum on the spectrum of our emotional experiences
  • How echoes from other lives can serve us here and now
  • A daring exploration of karma, free will and destiny, and the concept of the consensus reality with a few hairyquestions that will tickle your brain :-)
  • An ethical conflict between honouring the soul’s path and our moral and legal obligations; and a superbly wise, two-prong, high-level solution to this dilemma [KEY TAKEAWAY – don’t miss it!]
  • A 3-D model of time experienced by multidimensional beings
  • A new paradigm for dealing with illness and disease based on the principles of quantum physics

and much more!

* Please keep listening after the end of the interview for the important Epilogue*

Enjoy and please share!

Music: Purple-Planet Music

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Kaedrich OlsenProfile Photo

Kaedrich Olsen

Paranormal Expert, Author, Teacher

Kaedrich Olsen is an author, speaker, teacher, and paranormal expert with over 30 years of experience of guiding people through their supernatural and spiritual concerns.

From his early childhood and throughout his life, Kaedrich has led a paranormal life. Living in a haunted house full of spirits taught him how to connect with the spiritual realms. Growing up, by attending a spiritualist church, he has learned the art of seance and channeling.

Kaedrich’s lifetime connection with advanced beings, called the Whisperers, gave him a keen awareness of the landscape of the afterlife and the knowledge of how to work with various entities. His specialties include paranormal arts training, shadow work, runes and Norse mysticism.

Kaedrich has been featured in numerous TV, radio shows and documentaries, including on Gaia TV Open Minds, Beyond Belief, and its new documentary series "Channeling: A Bridge to The Beyond"; and Coast to Coast AM. His latest interview on Gaia with Regina Meredith was released in March 2023.

His book "Runes for Transformation" offers unique techniques of working with runes as the ancient Norse alphabet to gain powerful insights into our lives.