Nov. 29, 2022

S4 E13: The Extraterrestrial Presence: A New Paradigm for Humanity

S4 E13: The Extraterrestrial Presence: A New Paradigm for Humanity

This podcast could be the most important 85 minutes of your life.

Riveting. Eye-opening. Paradigm shifting. Grounded. Honest. Raw. Unplugged. Answering many unanswered questions about the UFO and ET phenomena, breaking through the stale narrative with a fresh eye and the documented facts. A must-listen if you want to know the truth.  

Please join me in this very uncommon conversation with my special guest Paola Harris, a well-known UFO researcher and investigative journalist, as we talk about:

  • The little-known UFO crash in New Mexico USA in 1945 (two years before Roswell) with the eyewitnesses still living today
  • The artifacts and material taken from that crash site currently being examined by independent scientists, after years of being kept in a vault
  • Are nuclear tests being carried out on the Moon?
  • A disconnect amongst the UFO community – is there a hidden agenda?
  • Do ETs live amongst us (yes, they do) and how to spot them
  • Telepathy as the common language across the universes and dimensions. No Babel translators required!
  • Consciousness and the power of thought
  • The messages and agendas behind the Hollywood UFOs/ETs movies
  • Are we ready for The Disclosure?
  • The secret agenda of the powers that be against The Disclosure   
  • The ETs message for the human race – what we must do in order to be allowed a full and open engagement with other civilizations in the cosmos

 And much more!

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Trinity – The Best Kept Secret

The following books can be purchased HERE

Conversations With Colonel Corso: A Personal Memoir and Photo Album
UFOs: All the Above…and Beyond (2017)
UFOs: How Does One Speak to A Ball of Light?  (revised edition 2012)
Exopolitics: Stargate To A New Reality  (2011)
Exopolitics: All of the Above ( 2009)
Connecting the Dots… Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon  (2008)

Other resources mentioned in this podcast

Wikipedia - List of films featuring extraterrestrials


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Paola HarrisProfile Photo

Paola Harris

UFO Investigative Reporter, Author

Paola Harris is an Italo-American photojournalist and a well-known in the UFO circles investigative reporter in the field of Extraterrestrial phenomena related research.

She has a Masters degree in Education and is a widely published free-lance writer who has studied Extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979, has interviewed many high-ranking military personnel and astronauts, and worked closely with many leading researchers in the field.

Paola has lectured throughout Europe about the importance of making Ufology a serious scientific study. Her non-profit association, Starworksusa, brings American speakers to Italy and promotes disclosure and international dialogue on this topic.

Paola has written seven books, including the recently published Trinity – The Best Kept Secret co-authored with Dr. Jacques F. Vallée, which we talk about in this podcast. She has also contributed to several other books on this topic with introductions and translations.

These days, Paola lives between Rome and Longmont, Colorado. Her current research is focused on the UFO events in Latin America, which she writes about in her regular column for X-Times Magazine in Rome.