April 19, 2023

S4 E24: The Frequency of The Afterlife (P2)

S4 E24: The Frequency of The Afterlife (P2)
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Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey – this podcast is for YOU.

This is one of the most enlightening, unusual and enjoyable interviews I’ve had on my show. Unexpected, surprising, profound, educational and fun!

You will laugh, you will cry, you will ponder and learn, and you WILL be a little different at the end of this show than you were at the beginning.  That I can promise you.

You can never come out of the far end of the rabbit hole exactly the same. It’s a portal to a higher dimension of connecting with who you really are and your understanding of Life and The Afterlife.

This riveting conversation with my very special guest Mark Anthony, JD, The Psychic Explorer®is two hour long, and so I cut it into two parts for your listening convenience.  Both parts are released together, as I simply couldn’t make you wait two weeks to hear the second part. That would be inhumane!

Mark is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom, and a delightful story teller shattering the myth of psychic mediums being just...well, psychic mediums. Truth be told, I could be chatting with him for hours!

Key topics include: 

  • What is spirit communication
  • Evidence of The Afterlife
  • A scientific explanation of how spirit communication works
  • Understanding mediumship
  • Reincarnation and soul journeys (a certain paradox is explained)
  • Free will, karma and destiny
  • What the spirit of Marylin Monroe revealed about her death
  • What Marylin Monroe, Stephen Hawking and Shirley MacLaine have in common
  • The genesis of The Afterlife Frequency (Mark’s latest book)
  • Spiritual synchronicity vs spiritual awareness
  • And so much more!

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This is Part 2 (Episode 24) - for continuity please listen to Part 1 (Episode 23) first.

Enjoy and please share!

Music: Purple-Planet Music


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Mark Anthony, JDProfile Photo

Mark Anthony, JD

Psychic Explorer, Psychic Medium

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer (Psychic Lawyer®) is a fourth-generation psychic medium, and Oxford educated attorney who has tried over 100 jury trials. He is licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court.

His brand “The Psychic Explorer” arose from his extensive background in science, quantum physics, near-death experiences, history, archaeology, philosophy, and theology. He examines mystical locations around the world to explore ancient ruins, mysteries, and supernatural phenomena.

Mark appears nationwide in The US on TV & Radio. On the CBS show “The Doctors,” he conducted a reading which cracked a cold case murder. He was featured on Gaia TV’s “Beyond Belief: Quantum Leap to the Other Side with Mark Anthony.” He co-hosts “The Psychic and The Doc” on Transformation Network.

He is a headline speaker at organizations including Edgar Cayce A.R.E., International Association for Near-death Studies, The Shift Network, Spiritual Awakenings International, Galileo Commission, Helping Parents Heal, Vail Symposium & universities Brown, Columbia, Harvard & Yale.

Mark’s latest book The Afterlife Frequency is a bestseller, the Gold Award Winner of the 2022 COVER Awards, Won “Inspirational Book of the Year” by Best Holistic Life Magazine, was considered for a Pulitzer Prize, designated one of the top books about faith in God, and is recommended by film legend and spiritual icon Shirley MacLaine.