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Cynthia Sue Larson

Quantum Jumps Counselor, Author

Cynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of several books including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, and High Energy Money; the creator and host of Living the Quantum Dream podcast.

Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the Founder of RealityShifters; first president of the International Mandela Effect Conference; managing director of Foundations of Mind; and creator and host of Living the Quantum Dream podcast. She has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC.

Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, "How good can it get?"

S4 E16: Quantum Jumps
Jan. 11, 2023

S4 E16: Quantum Jumps

Have you ever wished you could change your life in an instant, to something different, new, better, perhaps safer, richer and more fun? What if I told you that yes, you can and you actually do that quite often? Join …

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