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Estelle Gillingham

Energy Healer, Author

Estelle Gillingham is an author, energy healer, online educator who teaches sensitive people how to embody their soul’s highest nature and bring their magic to the world.

A former Post-doctoral Research Fellow in chemistry, Estelle has morphed into a karma-busting medicine woman and quantum shaman.....She has learned how to balance her masculine rational side with her love of nature magick and the natural, feminine and intuitive abilities that flow from her deep connection with Mother Earth.

Estelle lives in Ireland, and while she wasn’t born there, she is a Celt through and through with a strong Celtic lineage and many strange and bizarre stories to tell... When she isn't teaching, writing or painting, Estelle can usually be found exploring stone circles or the faerie portals near her new home in County Kerry.

S3 E4: Celtic Mysticism
Jan. 11, 2022

S3 E4: Celtic Mysticism

This episode is not what you expect :-) Join me and my special guest Estelle Gillingham in this fascinating, uncommon conversation, where we explore the quantum nature and the cosmology of Celtic mysticism, shamanism and myth...

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