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Fabio Novo

Life Mentor, Author

Fabio Novo is a holo-therapist, life mentor, author and facilitator of meditation and self-knowledge processes. He’s been researching psychology, spirituality and consciousness for over 20 years. He has degrees in Psychosynthesis, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching, Neuroscience, and currently he is developing HoloSynthesis, a new integral approach to human development. 

Fabio is the creator of the Sync Meditation App and author of several books, including The Field of Dreams – which is the focus of our conversation today. He sees himself as a soul designer, a soul hacker, dedicated to helping people manifest their full potential and talents in life, with his books, videos, apps, lectures, workshops, retreats, meditations and individual sessions all serving the same purpose - to help people find their enlightened path.

S3 E1: The Field of Dreams with Fabio Novo
Dec. 1, 2021

S3 E1: The Field of Dreams with Fabio Novo

What are dreams? Where do they come from? Why do we dream? Can we work with dreams to change our reality? What are lucid dreams? Find the answers to these any many more questions about dreams and dreaming in this …

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