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Jazmin Kelene

Journalist, Spiritual Counsellor. Astrologer

Jazmin Kylene is a journalist and board certified spiritual counselor, based in Boca Raton, Florida. She studied astrology with the Oak Astrology School and offers intuitive natal chart readings as well as spiritual counselling sessions.

Guided by her purpose, she created the conscious media platform Lali La Luna TV, seen in over four million homes on all streaming services. She has collaborated with outlets like Black Female Therapists and Ethel's Club, led Sacred Healing Circles and designed a line of Color Healing merchandise.

Jazmin loves music, cosmos and serendipity, and is dedicated to helping others on their spiritual path.

S3 E13: The Science & Spirit of Astrology
April 26, 2022

S3 E13: The Science & Spirit of Astrology

Do you read your weekly or monthly horoscope? Do you consult an astrologer about your future? Do you think of astrology as metaphysical science or a curious entertainment game that will impress your friends at a party? Whate...

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