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Mindy Ruddock

Intuitive Wellness Coach

Mindy Ruddock is an Intuitive Wellness Coach, Dance Instructor, owner and instructor at a karate school, and a certified massage therapist. She is an intuitive healer and avid practitioner of meditation and yoga, loves crystals and witchy stuff. Mindy uses all the tools in her toolbox to help her clients and teach them to trust their intuition and discover the magic they have inside.

S3 E5: Holistic Self-Care
Jan. 25, 2022

S3 E5: Holistic Self-Care

What is self-care? How can we approach it holistically to give ourselves the healing we need? Join me in this lovely conversation with my special guest Mindy Ruddock as we unpack the importance of self-care – it will raise y...

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