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Will Rodriguez

Skeptic Metaphysician, Podcaster

Will Rodriguez is the Executive Producer of a mental health podcast Calm, Cool and Connected and the Host and Producer of The Skeptic Metaphysician podcast.

Like Mulder from the X-Files, Will wants to believe. So... he has embarked on a journey of discovery. He has talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual, metaphysical and mystical worlds. He has thrown himself into weird and wonderful experiences, which he shares with his audience in an effort to find the trick to self-growth and spiritual awakening.

Will’s story involves spiritual growth but not in the religious sense. Rather, it is more about learning how to be a better person. His journey of discovery quickly became his journey of self-discovery and undergoing his own personal existential challenge.

S2 E16: Metaphysics 101 with Will Rodriguez
Nov. 17, 2021

S2 E16: Metaphysics 101 with Will Rodriguez

Deeply personal, honest, raw, profound, unexpected, inspiring, magical, beautiful conversation with my special guest Will Rodriguez about what matters and doesn’t matter in this quantum-mystical reality we call Life, which we...

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