July 25, 2022

S4 E4: Healing Through The Quantum Field

S4 E4: Healing Through The Quantum Field

You will LOVE this uplifting and fun conversation with my special guest Julie Ryan, a Medical Intuitive and Psychic, about the paranormal, quantum and spooky things that are simply a part of our life.

We are chatting about all aspects of Julie’s work – medical scanning, energy healing, past life readings, communicating with the departed love ones, releasing ghosts from the haunted houses, the ethics of psychic work, her four books and so much more.

You will hear many fun and amazing stories including a spooky past life reading confirmation in Kyoto, and my own shocking encounter with an angry spirit in my kitchen!


Julie has offered a wonderful gift for my listeners. To find out what it is and how to claim it – listen to this podcast!

Enjoy and please share!


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Julie Ryan

Medical Intuitive, Entrepreneur, Author

Julie Ryan is a businesswoman, inventor, author, radio show host, podcaster, and a serial entrepreneur. Her surgical device inventions are sold globally; she has founded nine companies in five different industries.

A Medical Intuitive and Psychic, Julie can sense the medical conditions and illnesses of a person and can facilitate energy healing through the quantum field. She can communicate with spirits here and on the other side, scan animals, access and read people’s past lives, and can tell how close to death someone is. 

Julie has written and published four books: “Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next”; “Angel Messages For Kids”; “Angel Messages For Dogs”; and “Angel Messages For Cats”.

She also hosts a call-in weekly podcast Ask Julie Ryan.