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Be your own Yoda

Excellent...inspiring guidance and encouragement for those who are ready to explore their own paranormal inner map.

Modern Shamanism

Clear, fun, and comprehensive discussion about shamanism. Really appreciate the down to earth and applicable ideas. Will explore more that Jan Engels-Smith and her community has to offer.

Favorite Podcast

I love EVERYTHING about this podcast. The topics and guests are always interesting. I love learning new things and hearing different viewpoints in the arena of science and spirituality. The host, Anna, asks insightful questions, and she doesn’t monopolize the conversations. They are often the same questions that I think of while listening. I really look forward to each new episode.

best podcast

each new episode is a surprise and joy to listen to! interviews are very interesting, great subjects discussed it!

Simply wonderful

I so enjoy this podcast - her ideas, meditations and voice. She is magical.

Empowering Wisdom!

The is one of the best shows on quantum reality, spirituality, personal development and self empowerment that I have listened to in a long time! Anna is deeply wise and intuitive, and I feel empowered and uplifted each time I listen. Her meditations are some of the best as well--so relaxing and I feel that I'm reprogramming my brain and nervous system for more happiness and peace each time I listen. Thank you Anna!

Love this show!

Thank you Anna for providing such a beautiful show. I love your energy and the variety of concepts. You bring a lot of practical tools in these deep esoteric concepts. We need more shows like this! Thank you for all you do!

What a Find

[Posted on Apple Podcasts AUSTRALIA] How glad I am that I stumbled across Anna’s podcast. Incredibly interesting guests. Anna’s style of interviewing is very relaxed and comfortable and she asks the hard questions- the ones we all wonder about but not game to ask. Her meditations take you to a blissful place too.

Big Help During the Pandemic

[Posted on Apple Podcasts PHILIPPINES] The podcast on "Meaning of Coronavirus" was such a great help for me in managing anxiety and fear at the beginning of the pandemic and all throughout 2020. I'm glad I stumbled upon Anna's podcast. Thank you for all the wisdom and meditation that you share. Much love to you from the Philippines.

Insightful Interviewer

[Posted on Apple Podcasts CANADA] Quantum Living is a wonderful podcast with many interesting guests. Anna is an impressive interviewer with an unique ability to evoke the best from her guests. She has a compelling and relaxing voice that makes the podcast inviting to listen to. Thank you Anna!

Incredibly Insightful and Very Well Produced

[Posted on Apple Podcasts AUSTRALIA] Anna's podcast has been a great listen, and all of her guests have been fantastic! A must listen.


[Posted on Apple Podcasts AUSTRALIA] Very easy to listen to listen to with lots of great information.

overcome addictions, meditate, create a happy life

A gateway to overcome addictions, stress, personal isuues, anything that creates obstacle in living a happy, healthy life. Anna's newest Theta Meditation is FANTASTIC! I use it almost every day to help me relax after busy day