Nov. 10, 2021

S2 E15: Beyond The Rabbit Hole with Saul Ravencraft

S2 E15: Beyond The Rabbit Hole with Saul Ravencraft

This episode is a sequel to Down The Rabbit Hole, as I continue my enchanted conversation with Saul Ravencraft, an Executive Occultist, this time going well beyond the rabbit hole....

Join us (if you dare!), as we talk about the 7th and final Principle of the Kybalion; explore various approaches to manifestation, interference of entities from other dimensions in our life, time travel, jumping to parallel universes and so much more...

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Saul Ravencraft

Executive Occultist

Saul Ravencraft is an Executive Occultist who provides diversion and escape for people with demonstrations of mind powers, strange tales, and weird artefacts. He tells fortunes and is a true believer in the power of intention. He is a magickal practitioner and a devotee to elemental powers and the seven principals of the Kybalion. He is also a co-host of Witch Hat Chats.

Saul has a unique perspective on the metaphysical - wanting to disprove it, he went way down the rabbit hole from which – as we all know, there is no return. Turning from pessimist to practitioner, he has dived into divination, ritual magick, and paranormal phenomena of all sorts