Sept. 15, 2021

S2 E7: Horse Magic with Ann-Britt Bolinder

S2 E7:  Horse Magic with Ann-Britt Bolinder

Did you know that horses have psychic abilities and can read our mind and soul?  In this special episode, I'm chatting with Ann-Britt Bolinder,  an expert in the equine experiential learning who took it to the next level of quantum healing, coaching and teaching.

We chat about Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) and how horses are not only the sublime healers but also great teachers, telepathically connecting with our emotional states and communicating what we need to know.

You will never look at or think about horses in the same way ever again, and you will understand that putting metal bits into their mouth as a means of control is nothing short of incredible cruelty, causing great pain and distress to these highly intelligent, sensitive and spiritual animals.

This episode includes a bonus epilogue about my personal experience with Ann-Britt's horses and a special, time-limited discount offer from her for the listeners.

Enjoy and please share!

Resource mentioned in this episode

Houston Police Mounted Unit goes BITLESS!  

”Houston’s police force have 40 horses from all breeds and backgrounds working 8-10 hours every day in downtown Houston. Many of the horses have been swapped to bitless bridles and all are BAREFOOT. The dept say the horses are all thriving, healthier than ever, and their vet bills have been cut in half”.



Ann-Britt BolinderProfile Photo

Ann-Britt Bolinder

Equine Experiential Learning Expert

Ann-Britt Bolinder started riding at the age of 35, while she was terrified of horses. Yet she could feel the special healing and spiritual qualities of horses and so decided to learn more about them and work with them in spite of the fear.

She is now an Advanced Practitioner of the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) program and a LifeSpider Coach based in Bjuv, Sweden. She brings in her horses as teachers to her Compassionate Living coaching program, creating a unique, effective and unforgettable experience for the clients.