Sept. 29, 2021

S2 E9: Witchcraft & Magick: A Quantum Conversation with Mela Borawski

S2 E9: Witchcraft & Magick: A Quantum Conversation with Mela Borawski

An inspiring, fun and deep quantum-witchy conversation you will definitely enjoy.

Some of the topics we cover include: What is witchcraft vs paganism vs wicca;  Are all witches linked to dark energies and do they fly on broomsticks? The karmic and ancestral DNA in witchcraft; ethics in witchcraft work and so much more!

It is a long and delicious smorgasbord conversation at the intersection of science & spirituality you don’t wanna miss!

>You will hear some creepy and spooky haunted house clearing stories; learn the magic of the clock-wise and counter-clock-wise energy directions; how to enchant your morning cup of coffee; and several manifestation and protection witchy spells.

Most importantly, you will find out why magick and quantum energy work are one and the same.

Enjoy and please share!

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Mela Borawski

Energy Healer, Author, Podcaster

Mela Borawski is an intuitive energy healer, hypnotherapist, author and self-proclaimed green hedge witch living in South Carolina. She is certified in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Spiritual Studies and holds an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. 

Mela is the founder of 3 Rays of Light company and an online school, Greenwild Mystical Academy where she is Head Instructor. She is also the Host of a wonderful witchy podcast Belle, Book & Candle.